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Technical library articles

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Technical library articles

Postby Gilesy » Fri 24th Aug 2007, 06:35pm

Hi folks. As you may or may not know, the minifinity Image library is an ever growing lump of knowledge written by mini owners, drivers and specialists for the free use of everyone that might find use in it.
As such, we need YOUR input to keep this library expanding by writing new articles and taking photographs as you carry out work on your cars.
If you plan on taking on any work in the future, please do take photos and write up little how-tos that we might be able to add. Also, if you can see any gaps in what's already there, please start/add to a list in this thread with any suggestions you have.
If you have anything at all, just pm any of us "Librarians" (we show up in Red at the bottom of the forum main page).
Anything is welcome, so don't be shy!

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RE: Technical library articles

Postby Tony_B » Wed 29th Aug 2007, 05:39pm

Much like the chat room shows up as "in use" (lol, though I've never been in... too shy..) - could the tech forum plate have a new graphic "new topic" for when there's, well, a new topic..??

Not sure how easy it would be to link into profile in that way, but I see myself as more a thinker, not a doer with web gubbins!
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Re: Technical library articles

Postby ImagoX » Tue 26th Jul 2011, 04:47pm

FYI - the link in the OP is broken... :(
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Re: Technical library articles

Postby minimaniac » Tue 26th Jul 2011, 05:02pm

ImagoX wrote:FYI - the link in the OP is broken... :(

It does work but you need to go to the home page and log in again before it will let you in.

As to why? I've no idea. There is some technical reason that is beyond me that causes the problem :wink:
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Re: Technical library articles

Postby finner » Thu 3rd Nov 2011, 09:52pm

Hello, I can't seem to get the link to work even after logging in. Is there another way to access the library
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Re: Technical library articles

Postby Zippyrude » Thu 3rd Nov 2011, 10:07pm

now limited to contributors, some articles are available by logging into the front page
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