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Advise please :) tent garage for storing?

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Advise please :) tent garage for storing?

Postby jessieharlin87 » Tue 14th Nov 2017, 09:06pm


Im needing to store my mini and not sure if a tent garage will do the job nicely?

Ive taken it off the road as the gearbox is buggered, so I want to store the mini and when it eventually gets fixed, keep it stored and just start it up every week to keep it alive.

Does anyone have experience of anything like this? ... green.aspx
Did it help keep the mini in good condition?

Any advice very much appreciated,

Thanks, Jess
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Re: Advise please :) tent garage for storing?

Postby asahartz » Wed 15th Nov 2017, 01:07am

Not used one of those but I did once use an old frame tent to store some cars in. It keeps the worst of the weather off the car.

It's better than leaving it out uncovered, but it's not good if you just leave it on grass as shown. Storing cars on grass just helps the underside to rot. A groundsheet will help, but will of course kill the grass. It would be better if the "tent" could be erected on concrete, but that's probably impossible to fasten down.

Probably best option, though not cheap, would be to put down a groundsheet then lay slabs on top of it.
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Re: Advise please :) tent garage for storing?

Postby Nozzle » Wed 15th Nov 2017, 09:52am

Be careful not to let the wind flap/lash the tent material against your bodywork or bumpers - it will scuff the paint and with enough thrashing will rub through.

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