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sell as a project

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sell as a project

Postby petertohen » Mon 16th Oct 2017, 03:56pm

I'm afraid the time has come when I have to accept that one of my Minis has to go. I've only got the white Auto on the road at present and due to current finances, lack of time and not being physically capable of doing some of the jobs my trusty old red '86 City e has to go :(

TBH It's had a lot of welding done over the years but for the last two years it's just been sitting there rotting away and now it needs a lot more welding doing including the front bulkhead ad offside inner wing, at least one sill etc.
Add to this that I could do with some cash ....

SO come on team, what do I do? Sell the whole thing as a project or break it for spares?

It has a few 'goodies' including Moulton Smootharide suspension, 1100 engine, heavy duty tie bars, It had new discs and recon calipers but they are probably rusty by now. There are no front seats in it because the scrap men nicked them off the drive :evil: But everything else is there. ... minis.html
If I weighed it in as scrap I'd get £120 for it but that isn't going to happen!

So what's the best plan?
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Re: sell as a project

Postby andy3lliott » Mon 23rd Oct 2017, 11:04pm

selling online or on ebay would be your best bet you would definatly get more than 120 how much are you thinking its worth as it is
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