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Minifinity Moderators Statement on Suppliers and Customers

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Minifinity Moderators Statement on Suppliers and Customers

Postby beddo » Thu 16th Mar 2006, 01:31pm

Hi folks,
In earlier threads I mentioned that the moderators were working on a statement of how we felt this website should stand with regards to the relationships between suppliers and there customers.

It has been sat a while now with no further alterations so as promised I am posting it up here for the people who actually make up Minifinity to have a gander at and disect.

Let us know what you think, all the stuff that was causing problems seems to have been resolved and this is mostly common sense but if it helps people work out problems then it does its job.

Discussion of Suppliers on Minifinity.

First and foremost. The Minifinity message boards are not a place for customers and suppliers to air their grievances and get into arguments. This reflects badly on Minifinity, our members and the supplier concerned.

For customers of suppliers

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and will have their own experience of every supplier that they have dealt with.

If people feel they must comment on an experience that they have had with a supplier, we would ask that they try to follow some common sense rules.

1) Take the issue up with the supplier directly before making any accusations or venting on the public forums.

2) Give the supplier adequate chance to resolve any problems which you have with them

3) When you do post, please stick to the facts and do not present information in a misleading form. If you believe you have a fault product, try to back your claim up with pictures.

4) If you do come to a resolution with the supplier, amend the thread to say what the resolution is and how you came to it. Every supplier has its problems, it is how they deal with them that counts.

5) Good reviews of suppliers are encouraged, don't just post when things go wrong!

6) If you are repeating something that you have heard, please attempt to verify the accuracy of these comments and how these issues were resolved. We do not want small comments made out of frustration to snowball and provide exaggerated or false views.

7) If in doubt. Don't post it. Save it in a file on your computer and leave it a while. Read it again later and think about whether posting this will help anyone.

If you have not used a supplier before and come across a complaint that has been posted, do not take this as sole judgement of the company's operations. Everyone has bad days, sometimes customers can make it incredibly difficult for suppliers to rectify problems. Look for as much information as possible before making your choice and consult with the supplier themselves.

For suppliers

Not all suppliers will read these message boards however several do and some of them contribute in various ways to Minifinity and its members.

We thank all suppliers who do so and ask them to understand that any opinion posted reflects upon the opinion of that person alone. People are entitled to express their opinions and the moderators are not here to censor. Please rest assured that between us, the moderators will read practically everything on Minifinity and attention will be given to ensure that discussions can continue without getting out of hand.

How you as a supplier deal with a post about your company is up to you and your customer relations policies. Being able to see both sides of an altercation is a unique advantage of web-based forums such as ours and provides a permanent record of you as a supplier.

If you as a supplier feel that the moderators of Minifinity have not maintained neutral ground in relation to a specific issue, please discuss this in private with the moderators concerned. We cannot promise to resolve everything to everyone's liking however we will do our best to maintain amicable relationships with everyone involved.


All in all, if everyone plays nice then this document is irrelevant. It is not all encompassing and probably open to misinterpretation. Minifinity is run by volunteers so be nice to each other and let us get on with our lives which some of us do have contrary to popular belief.

Thank you for your patience,
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