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Support Minifinity and be a contributor

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Support Minifinity and be a contributor

Postby Zippyrude » Wed 17th Oct 2012, 07:33pm


Well another year has passed and our minis will have either spend another year being a 'project', being driven with pride or requiring the tlc that it needs and deserves.

Hopefully on Minifinity you will have learnt some new things with fellow members and shared some stories.

As the months tick on we need to think again about funding for the hosting and ongoing developments (we have also wanted to buy a flag for shows for some time now and need new stickers too).

Running and fixing a mini can be a frustrating and costly job so all we ask is that you consider supporting Minifinity if it has helped you enjoy the mini scene and fix a problem. So if Minifinity has helped you at any stage in fixing a problem, or if you have enjoyed reading and learnt something by reading the posts and articles we ask that you make a small donation to help us secure hosting, club events and further development of Minifinity.

You may notice that the front page has a Donate button. If anyone donates ten pounds or more they will be provided with access for a year to an area for those who have contributed and shown support for Minifinity.

You will also have access to AC Dodds Expert Workshop where you can post Q&As directly to the A-series master with expert replies from the man who knows. You will also get exclusive news on developments.

In addition we are developing a technical area for contributors and access to the discounts section will be included. Minifinity is undergoing some developments which contributors will be given sneek previews of.

There are also some great benefits that will save you money:

*** Contributors will be given priority to club stand places and get some tickets FREE.

*** Free SPi ECU code reading and clearing (upto 2 guaranteed then depending on demand)

Now all this works out at about 2 pence a day.

So if Minifinity helped you solve a problem at any stage, ask yourself if that help was worth supporting ;)

You will also get a badge on your user profile letting everyone know you are a valued part of Minifinity !

Minifinty relies on contributors to fund the hosting. This request is about supporting Minifinity as the server, hosting and development costs money to run, everything else in terms of people and skills is of course voluntary.

Well i hope you will consider helping out, in order to secure the continued future and improvement of Minifinity.

Make a donation via paypal by clicking on the Donate text below


Thanks guys and girls :)

Rudi - aka Zippyrude
Darren - aka Dazzler
Carl - aka Brumski

(small print - above offers are at the discretion of the MF admin and may be withdrawn at any time)
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