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Gearbox - Replacing the gear selector seal

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Gearbox - Replacing the gear selector seal

Postby TechTeamMod » Mon 1st Sep 2008, 08:11pm

Got a leaky gear selector seal? Here's how to swap it.

  1. Jack up the car and support with axle stands.
  2. Drain oil.
  3. Use a pin punch (or blunt instrument of your choice, a blunted nail or screwdriver are favourites, just make sure the end is flat), tap out the roll pin (the one closest to the gearbox, sound obvious but it's a common mistake), this is securing the gear change extension shaft collar to the selector shaft.
  4. Remove the rubber gaiter if there is one fitted and remove the oil seal, ensuring you don't damage the casing which will stop the new seal working correctly.
  5. Lube up the new seal with oil then slide it over the shaft with the open side of the seal toward the diff.
  6. Tap the seal in fully, use a suitably sized deep socket to ensure it's on straight or it will leak.
  7. Refit the gear change extension shaft and roll pin (easier said than done, but it is possible, I promise).
  8. Lower car and refill car with oil.

Do I need a new roll pin?
You may or may not be able to reuse the roll pin. They are about £1 from your mini supplier of choice but can probably had for less from a motor factors. It's best to have one to hand if your in a hurry as I have broken 2 removing them before.

Once it's out check it out see if its crushed, cracked or in anyway past it. It should be a TIGHT fit, if not replace it. If it's a good fit but slides a bit to easily some STRONG wire can be threaded through (ensuring it won't hit anything else) to help hold it in.

Just remember a small amount of slop here will be very noticeable once you get to the gearknob.

A common trick is to not remove the old seal first but to just push it in further. This means the new seal only has to catch the oil the old one is leaking. Bodge or cunning trick? You decide.
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